Guadalupe River House25 photos
Construction has begun on a new house on the banks of the Guadalupe River north of Boerne Texas. The site slopes down to the river from the street in a series of rock ledges, with the house on the last ledge whose edge drops forty feet to the bank of the river. The guest house sits on the ledge higher up from the house and connects to the second floor of the house at the two story living room. The same bridge runs through the house and out the other side, ending in a viewing platform that is cantilevered past the edge of the bluff. The other side of the Guadalupe is unspoiled Hill Country, part of a large ranch that extends to the horizon. The exterior of the house is corrugated Galvalume steel, a maintenance-free material whose shiny finish reflects the sun's heat. Due to it's corrugated structure, it also ventilates the area between the metal and the exterior walls, further reducing heat absorption of the house from the hot Texas sun.