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Pivot Pad

New 1000sf house with very tight budget. The client wanted to "live small" and leave a small carbon footprint. She had researched prefab houses, but found they were beyond her budget. In the end we found it was less expensive to design & build a similar house on site. The project is a composition of elements that are tied together by a strong circulation axis--the boardwalk--that organizes guest parking at one end, takes the visitor through the carport, across a Zen courtyard and to the front door. From there it proceeds through the house, across the back yard and terminates at a wood deck that cantilevers over a limestone bluff that overlooks the creek below and the nature preserve beyond. Sealed concrete floors throughout the house, IKEA kitchen, and corrugated Galvalume metal exterior siding were used to keep costs within budget. PHOTO CREDITS: Ignacio Salas-Humara

Pivot Pad, Ignacio Salas-Humara Architect