Trailer House Remodel23 photos
An old house trailer on a family ranch in Beeville, Texas was used for decades as an inexpensive weekend getaway. The owners recently retired, sold their house in Corpus Christi, and were moving full time to the ranch. They wanted to invest the money from the sale of the house for their retirement instead of using it to build a new house on the ranch, so they decided to live full-time in the existing trailer house. There were only two problems. The first problem was that the trailer was looking shabby on the outside. The second problem was that the trailer looked..... like a trailer. The solution was to give the trailer a "facelift" and disguise its trailer-like shape. Since the site was a heritage ranch and the surrounding area was agricultural, we went with a farm-ranch/industrial/agricultural theme reminiscent of barns, sheds, cotton gins and feed mills. We sheathed the entire structure in corrugated Galvalume metal. To break up the long trailer shape we added porches, decks, and a small additions. At the front we added a carport and entry pergola of 6x6 cedar columns and beams. The other ingredients were galvanized pipe and fittings and industrial light fixtures.