The Goat Sheds37 photos
The Goat Sheds is a family ranch compound located at the base of a wooded hillside with long views down two valleys to the South and East. The house serves as a gallery to display the wife's large collection of American Indian artifacts as well as the husband's extensive collection of model trains. Each of the main functions -- living, sleeping, working, train room, garage -- are designed as individual, clerestoried sheds that are dispersed among the existing trees in such a way that no trees had to be cut down. The "sheds" are connected by low service spaces. The husband once worked on the ranch as a young adult when it was owned by his future wife's family. During that time it was being transformed from a goat ranch to a cattle ranch. His future wife's father wanted to determine if this young man was a hard worker and worthy of his daughter, so he gave the suitor the job of dismantling all the old goat sheds that were scattered over hundreds of acres. He did, the father approved, and they were married. They affectionately call the new house the Goat Sheds.